Vineyard Mitternast [Web]

Vineyard Ing. Peter Mitternast | Pernserdorf

Ambios [Web]

Website for Ambios

Najade [WebShop]

herbs and natural renedy [Online Shop]

Ansa2 [Web]

therapeutic climbing | Website

Sandra Littomericzky [Web]

Voice Actor | TV-presenter | actress

Oleander [Web]

Vine-tavern | Trausdorf | Website

Proluft [Web]

Professional Ventilation-System-Cleaning | Web- and Interface Design

ARCS/AIT Telekom [Screen]

Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf | Trainings-Software | AI | Telekom Austria

Puppenhäuschen [Web]

'cause babies make u happy ...

Ferdinando Chefalo [Clip]

Choregrapher & Director | Animated Typography (Logotyp)

City Festival Vienna '03 [Web]

Dream Area City | Website | program | flash intro

Stadt Fest Wien '02 [Web]

Da Aha Oh | Website | program | flash intro

GO! [Brand | Animation]

Labour Union Online | OeGB | Austrian Labour Union (brand/animation)

Haus des Meeres [Web]

Aqua Terra Zoo | Website

Terra Incognita [Menue]

Archeological journey of exploration | primitive times museum | nussdorf ob der traisen

net-gallery [Web]

Gallery at the Stubentor | Facelifting and Website (Interface) Design

Sail 2 Paradise [Clip]

Catamarans | Image Video Clip (Typography-Animation & Slideshow)

KBA Image Video 1 [Clip]

Koenig & Bauer AG | KBA Mödling | Imageclip (KommR Schischek) | Technisches Museum Wien

fleurop interflora [Web]

Flower delivery service | Facelifting and Website (Interface) Design

IBB Consulting [Web]

Internationale Betriebs Beratung Management GmbH | Interface Design

Adam Hall [Web]

Your Partner for Hardware & Pro Audio Solutions since 1975 | Interface Design

TPA [Web]

Treuhand Partner Austria | Interface Design & Webdesign

cause & effect [Studio]

Extract of Developing a studio for a TV format (on hold)

KBA Programm [Clip]

Koenig & Bauer AG | KBA Mödling | Program Screens | Technisches Museum Wien

Ferdinando Chefalo [Web]

Choregrapher & Director | Webiste & Interface Design

Fair Guide [Web]

The Exhibitors FAIR Guide | Website and Interface Design

Spacecraft Zeta5 [3D]

3D Construction of a Spacecraft "exxon & westinghouse" | house advertising

dm | Apprentices [web]

drugstore market | Concept and Website for Apprentice Program

Wert-Heim [Web]

Immobilien Website | Concept & Interface Design

IKEA | Apprentices [web]

Concept, Design, Photostory and Website for IKEA Apprentices

Zoo Vienna [Web]

Zoo Website | Concept & Interface Design

Democratic Designers [Web]

IKEA at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2010 | Website | Interface Design

Cocon [Clip]

Safety Systems | Windows & Doors | Videoclip (WK3 & Showroom) [Web]

Nikolaos Afentulidis | Musician | Interface Design of the Website [Web]

Interface Design | Website | Website of the WKO | Tourism | Events

TraumbadBoys & Girls [Web]

The task-pros for Sanitary, Tile, Bathrooms | Flyer

fotografik191 [Web]

Portfolio Website | Walter Schreiner

forum10 [Web]

Business Campus Gudrunstraße | Marenzi & Spiegelfeld | Ragger Immobilien | Website

Grafikant [Web]

The Graphicdesign-Apprentice | Announcemant-Microsite

Radon Lichtdesign [Web]

Website for LightDesign and Consulting | Florian Radon

LTE | Drag Force [Clip]

Logistics & Transport | Railway Company | Videoclip (long Version 1:00 min.)

Glanzstoff Industries [Clip]

"Knowledge for your Safety" | Viscose Filament Supplier | Videoclip (3:26)

Based in Vienna [Web]

Apartments | WIK Living Immobilien | Website [Interface Design]

Conte DeCesare [Web]

Cucina Italiana | EdHaas | Website | Interface-Design

Planktron [Web]

IT | EDV | Network | Website [Interface Design]

Marina City [Web]

Vienna changes | Comfortable Offices | Website [Interface Design]

Kolping [Web]

Kolping Austria | Website [Interface Design]

LTE [Web]

Logistik & Transport | Branddevelopment [CD-Concept extracts]

Autohaus Schmidt [Web]

Schmidt Automobile | Website [Interface Design]

ARTS - The art of trading [Web]

Website (Interface Design)

Deltabloc [Web]

Deltabloc International | Website | Interface-Design

Glanzstoff [Web]

glanzstoff industries | Website [Interface Design] [Web]

Your Office Space | Website [Interface Design]

Bavarian inland waterway

Website [Interface Design]

Nowak & Steiner [Web]

carpentry since 1875 | Website [Interface Design]

rah_aman [Web]

energy cards | Rah-Aman [Web]

Portfolio Website | Walter Schreiner [Web]

film productions | Website [Interface Design]

Gehmacher [Web]

Home Interiors since 1789 | Web Interface Design

Carlos Pino-Quintana [Web]

Composer | Producer | Conductor

empanadas [Web]

Event Catering | Interface Design: Website

Paul Mueller [Web]

Paul Müller | culinary styrian bavarian | Gastronomy (Ship)

Phonobloc [Web]

Noise Barriers | Website [Interface Design]

voice [web]

voice | website |

CorAd [Web]

Corporate Advisory Group | Tax and Administration Services | London

HpSA [Web]

Hydropower Systems Austria GmbH

Via Empatica [web]

Via Empatica | Webdesign

Cappelen Group [Web]

Cappelen group | website

Sandra Littomericzky [Web] | Redesign 2016 [Web] | Redesign Spring 2016

LTE | "Industrial Love" [Clip]

Railway Logistics & Transport | Videoclip (16:50 min.)

LTE | "The Journey" [Clip]

Railway Logistics & Transport | Videoclip (9:36 min.)

LTE | "Munich Trade Fair 2013" [Clip]

Railway Logistics & Transport | Videoclip (1:49 min.) [Film]

Event Catering | Image Movie (1:44 min.)

LTE [Mailing]

X-Mas 2015 | mailing

LTE X-Mas [Mailing]

Christmas 2016 | mailing

Barus Design X-Mas [Mailing]

Christmas 2016 | mailing

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