history present perspective

an imaginary journey through time and the workshops of KBA Moedling AG (machine factory)

Hotel Loeffler [Brochure]

Pension | Café | Restaurant | brochure incl. Postcard

KBA [Image-Brochure]

"the excellence of print" | "print & business excellence" (6C/Hybrid-Laquer)

episodes flashlights memories

KBA Moedling AG | book of anecdotes (4C)

Move Your Voice [Book & CD]

Monika Ballwein | Vocal work-out for optimized voice-performance

Universiade Dossier [Book]

Universiade 2003 Innsbruck | Seefeld (Dossier for candidature in Peking)

Bildwerkstatt [Portfolio]

broadcast architekturvisualisierung illustration fotografie bildbearbeitung printdesign CI

Living together [Brochure]

Kolping Austria | Vienna X | Image-brochure incl.

Kolping [Image Broschüre]

"On the Pulse of the times" | Kolping Austria | Image-Brochure

Otherworld Preview [Cataogue]

Otherworld by Ueberreuter Publishing | View into a different World | Phantasy for Adults

Deltabloc® Image [Brochure]

Deltabloc International | The Safety Barrier Company | English Version

Glasberg | Filmfestival | Mexico

Mexican Food for the film festival Vienna (gastronomy concept)

Gelbmann | Filmfestival

Gelbmanns Gaststube for the film festival Vienna (gastronomy concept)

Brichard [poster]

Vienna "Zinshaus" Auction | Picture on Canvas

Brichard [banner]

Site fence | banner large-scale

Glanzstoff [datasheets]

glanzstoff industries | datasheets A4

Glanzstoff [folder]

Papershell | folder

EHL [Folder] #3

folder | Forum Schönbrunn

EHL [Folder] #2

folder | Lax36 (Laxenburger Straße 36)

EHL RI Hollandstr [Folder] #1

Raiffeisen Immobilien | folder | Vienna Hollandstr.

Cappelen logistics [Folder]

Cappelen | Logistics Folder

Kolping Statute [2015]

Kolping Austria | Statute 2015 [Book]

Sie & Ich [Folder]

Exquisite company for seniors | Folder

Kolping [Folder]

Gemeinsam Leben | Volunteering folder

Kolping [Folder]

Gemeinsam Leben | Info folder

Kolping [Imagebrochure]

Kolping Austria | On the Pulse of Time

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