herbs and natural renedy [CD-Manual Extracts]

Artware [Portfolio]

"Works" Brochure

HP | e-vectra [Folder]

Hewlett Packard | productfolder "e-vectra"

LG | nexera

Branddevelopment [CD-manual extracts]

GO! [Brand | Animation]

Labour Union Online | OeGB | Austrian Labour Union (brand/animation)

Bildwerkstatt [Portfolio]

broadcast architekturvisualisierung illustration fotografie bildbearbeitung printdesign CI

Panrok [Portfolio]

digital architecture models

indigobase® [Package]

intranet software | 3D | Packaging (Euro-Digi-Pack)

Kolping unites [Press-Board]

press-board | event 07: general meeting

constructioner® [Package]

intranet software | 3D | Packaging (Euro-Digi-Pack)

KBA visitors-info [Folder]

Koenig & Bauer | KBA-Mödling AG | Folder

Universiade Dossier [Book]

Universiade 2003 Innsbruck | Seefeld (Dossier for candidature in Peking)

Living together [Brochure]

Kolping Austria | Vienna X | Image-brochure incl.

Solidarität [Ad]

Magazine of the ÖGB | Austrian Labour Union

ARCS/AIT Telekom [Screen]

Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf | Trainings-Software | AI | Telekom Austria

Brichard Immobilien

Branddevelopment [CD-Manual extracts]

Wedding-invitation [Folder]

Printed matters for a wedding and christening | Billiard ball number eight

TPA [Web]

Treuhand Partner Austria | Interface Design & Webdesign

cause & effect [Studio]

Extract of Developing a studio for a TV format (on hold)

IMAX & HDM Coop [P.O.S.]

IMAX & Aqua Terra Zoo | P.O.S. Cardboard stand-up incl. flyer-dispenser


Winter Universiade 2005 Innsbruck Seefeld | Brand Development

Paradise Catamarans

Brand Development

Fair Guide

The Exhibitors FAIR Guide | Facelifiting and Brand Development

Spacecraft Zeta5 [3D]

3D Construction of a Spacecraft "exxon & westinghouse" | house advertising


Business Campus Gudrunstraße | Marenzi & Spiegelfeld | Ragger Immobilien | Brand-Development

Kolping Map [illuminated panel]

Kolping Austria Headoffice | Map | illuminated panel

KBA Invitation

Koenig & Bauer | folder | invitation assembling hall opening


Offices | Branddevelopment

yamm! imageconcept

Brand-Management & Image Concept [CD-Concept extracts]




film productions | Branddevelopment

Autohaus Schmidt [Web]

Schmidt Automobile | Website [Interface Design]

Marina City [Web]

Vienna changes | Comfortable Offices | Website [Interface Design]

Marina Tower

Branddevelopment [CD-Concept extracts]

Marina Plaza

Branddevelopment [CD-Concept extracts]

Marina Park

Branddevelopment [CD-Concept extracts]

Marina City

Branddevelopment [CD-Concept extracts]

Deltabloc® Image [Brochure]

Deltabloc International | The Safety Barrier Company | English Version

LTE | Drag Force [Clip]

Logistics & Transport | Railway Company | Videoclip (long Version 1:00 min.)

Grafikant [Web]

The Graphicdesign-Apprentice | Announcemant-Microsite

ARTS - The art of trading [Web]

Website (Interface Design)


Branding Campaign | House Advertising


Branding Campaign | House Advertising


Branding Campaign | House Advertising

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