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EHL RI Hollandstr [Folder] #1

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Raiffeisen Immobilien | folder | Vienna Hollandstr.
EHL RI Hollandstr [Folder] #1
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Folder "Hollandstraße" | Wortmarke
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brand development typography | typoconcept colour scheme illustration | artwork photography | video production management | print producing
Client: EHL Immobilien GmbH
Auftraggeber: Mag. Stefan Wernhart, MRICS
Production: 10/2014
Client since: 02/2012
Colour schemes
Illustrations (Vector)
Visual World
asymmetrical folded seam
partial lacquering
All in One - work, living, leisure, proximity to the city with the office in the middle of everything. The urban character of the object is reflected by the design of the folder. A partial lacquer finish sets subtle but still striking accents.
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