Service Offering

Strategies, Concepts and Consulting (Advertising and Brands)
Branddevelopment (Branding), Relaunches, Faceliftings
Namegiving, Editing and Text
Typographic Concepts, Typography and Kalligraphy
Colour Schemes, Colour Corrections and Digital Imaging
Illustrations, Drawings and Painting
Animations, Photography and Videoclips
Producing and Production Monitoring

About Richard Barus

Since 1991 (approximately 24 years) Richard M Barus works self-employed in the area of Graphic Design (since 1996 also in the field of screen design). In his company "barusgraphicdesign" (founded 1992) the focus of offered services lies in the mixture of designing classical medias (print) and new medias (screen) as well as Brand Development (primarily for SMEs). The bigger part of the work enfolds Corporate Identity, Corporate Design and Advertising (primarily within the area Business To Business B2B).

The 1997 cofounded company "artware multimedia gmbh" is engaged almost exclusively with "Web applications" and Content Management Systems ( At fall 2004 "" was cofounded.

Fields of Business-Activities (Icon-legend):
strategie | konzept | beratung strategie | konzept | beratung
namensgebung | text | redaktion namensgebung | text | redaktion
markenentwicklung markenentwicklung
typografie | typokonzept typografie | typokonzept
farbwelt farbwelt
illustration | artwork illustration | artwork
fotografie | video fotografie | video
produktionsleitung | drucküberwachung produktionsleitung | drucküberwachung


Between 1997 and 2007 Richard Barus also worked as lecturer at the Advertising Academy Vienna and educated students in the following disciplines taught: Design Teechniques for Print and Screen, Print Producing, Chromatics, Periodical Publishing, Animation Techniques and Screen Design, Introduction to 3D Design and Composition.

Since 2008/09 Course Instructor of the Diploma Seminar
"Shop Design"

Richards goal and passion is, to pass on to his students his own knowledge and successful experiences of combining the old more traditional design techniques, with the new ones of today (eg. analog & digital). Together with his students, Richard strives to help discover the true definition of "communication design".

Products and Categories
Corporate Business:

Brand Developement & Coprorate Identity (CI)
  Mission Statements, Strategies, Conzepts, Namegiving,
  Logotypes, Picture Marks, Figurative Marks, Family Brands,
  Product Brands, Logos
Corporate Design (CD) & CD Manuals

  Corporate Design Manuals, Style Guides, Richtlinien,
  Mission Statmenets, Startups, Relaunches, Facliftings, 
  Typography, Colour Schemes, Visual World, Stylistic Elements,
  Secondary Stylistic Elements, Logos, Symbols, Icons
Business Papers & Miscellaneous Forms

  Stationery, Business Cards, Envelopes, Compliment Slips,
  Memo Templates, Fax Templates, Forms, (Note) Pads
Brochures & Business Reports (Dossiers)

  Image Brochures, Product Catalogues, Business Reports,
  Prospects, Broadsides, Portfolios, Catalogues
Magazines & Mail Distributions

  Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Programs,
  Newspapers, Booklets, Direct Mailings
Environmental Solutions & Event Design

  Foyers, Shop Design, Events, Trade Fair Stands,
  Claddings,Store Fronts, Boards, Signs, Neon Writings,
  Fleet, Vehicle Labelling
Consulting & Policy Papers

  Dossiers, Studies, Strategic Papers, Concepts, Handouts


Posters & Advertisments
  Outdoor Posters, Indoor Posters, Cultural Posters, Citylights,
  Rollingboards, Advertising Columns
  Product Folders, Leaflets, Broadsides, Porspects
  Bulk Mails, Vouchers, Bons, Datasheets, Instructions,
CD/DVD Covers & Packages

  Covers (MC, LP, CD, DVD, BlueRay), Digipacks, Jewel Cases,
  Sleeves, Schachteln, Dosen, Tiegeln, Flaschen, Blisters
Postcards & Stickers
  Postcards, Freecards, Tickets, Reply Cards,
  Vouchers, Labels, Banderoles
  Illustrated Books, Textbooks, Fiction, Catalogues, Portfolios,
  Booklets, etc. (Hardcover and Paperback)
Promotional Items & Miscellaneous Services

  Give Aways, Lanyard Keychains, Shirts, Caps, Umbrellas,
  Lighters, Ball-points, Functional Clothing, Casual Wear,
Web & Screen
  Websites, Webshops, Blogs, Image Video Clips,
  Touchscreens, Infopoints, Interfaces, Flash Intros


Animations & Short Movies
  Video Clips, Cartoons, Flash, Quicktime, HD
  Portraits, Nudes, Architecture, Landscapes, Concept
Painting & Artwork
  Oil, Acryl, Tempera, Guache, Aquarell, Pastellkreide,
  Mixing Techniques, Original Prints:
  (Drypoint, Etching, Aqua Tinta, Stitch, Mixing Techniques)  
Studies & Skteches
  Pencil, Charcoal, Indian Ink, Inks, Red Chalk, Crayon,
  Marker, Fineliner, Pen, Ball-point, etc.
Music & Soundworks
  Jazz, Soundtracks, World Music, Classical, Metal, etc.
  (Instruments: Guitars, Midi Guitar | Violin | E-Bass)
Theater & Acting
  Director, Stage Design, Dramaturgy, Actor

Curriculum Vitae

1976 bis 1980:
Elementary School [Wassermanngasse]
1980 bis 1988:
High School (Mathematics) | general qualification for university entrance [Ödenburgerstraße]
1988 bis 1989:
Study Psychology and Journalsim [Uni Wien]
1988 bis 1993:
Study Jazzguitar and classical Violin [Conservatory Mühlgasse | Palme]
Co-founder of the Jazzquintet "phondü"
1991 bis 1993:
Graphic Design [Höhere Graphische BLVA, Höhere Bundes- Lehr- und Vesuchsanstalt]
Foundation of "barus graphicdesign"
Start freelancing and self-employed Graphic Designer
1993 bis 1995:
Study Fine Arts | Painting [Academy for Applied Arts | Frohner]
1993 bis 1994:
Graphic Design Master Class [exceeding: painting | Wilhelm Drach]
Freelancing for "Moonlight Studio" [ AK | AKG | etc. ]
1993 bis 1995:
Puppeteer "Wiener Kinderfreunde"
Associate for Multimedia Oeg "Kunstloesung" [GraphicDesign]
Freelancing for „Ogilvy & Mather" [Raiffeisen etc.]
Prefered Vendor for „Hewlett Packard“
Lecturer "Jazzgitarre & Harmonielehre"
Lecturer at the „Werbe Akademie“
[Seminars "Graphic Design" and "Market Communications"]
1997 bis 2004:
Co-Founder and Associate of the Company
„Artware Multimedia GmbH“ [Creative Director]
Actor & Theater: „Arsenic & Old Lace“,
„The Fourth Commandment“, „Black Comedy“, „The Bankers Secrecy“, etc.
Designer and Art Direcor for AG
2001 bis 2003:
Lecturer at the WIFI Vienna [Seminar „New Media Designer“]
Co-Founder „Bildwerkstatt Wien“
Lecturer at the WIFI Wien
[Seminar „Adorner“]
Co-Founder and Associate of „ records“
Juror of the Austrian National Prize for Multimedia & E-Business 2005

Since 1991:
freelancing, self-employed Graphic Designer,
Painter and Musician (Composition and Jazzguitar) tätig
seit 1997:
Lecturer in the same field of business-activities (above)
seit 2008:
Course Instructor for the Diploma Seminar "ShopDesign"

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